Hi there! My name is Dian Pramono. I am a freelance graphic designer and also an affiliate marketing who worked with so many people since 2005. I work from home (my home studio) in Bali, Indonesia.

The growth of the economy and the increasing number of people who open new businesses in Bali makes the competition in the industrial field something that cannot be avoided. New entrepreneurs use different methods to introduce their services and products, but most of those methods are not yet considered effective. Actually, if we give them a chance to grow by trying to use their services or to buy their products, we can help trigger new entrepreneurship development and economic growth that will eventually give an impact on the development of education for the community as well as open new job opportunities and reduce unemployment rate in Indonesia.

Graphic design is not the type of job where you could create a design within hours or days. Graphic design is more than that. It’s required high amount of creativity, great ideas, and it takes time to create something that has accuracy and suitable with the message that you try to tell. For me, an artwork or a design is not necessary to be great. The more important thing is that it could send the message properly.

As a junior graphic designer, I try to give you assistance in the field of graphic design, especially in the creation of Logo, banners, stationary, book cover, DVD/VCD/VHS cover design, brochure, t-shirt, banner, flyers, shopping bag, slideshow movie, CD & DVD duplication, acrylic sign, editing slideshow video for your videotron needs and other graphic design products. Together with my team, I can also assist you in making promotional videos and pre-wedding and wedding photo slideshows. The photo slideshow can be broadcasted over various promotional media, such as Videotron, product information at supermarkets, and television at your own store. I am also ready to assist you in handling printing and advertising projects, including placement, installation and creation of both indoor and outdoor promotional media for your business (Spanduk, Umbul – umbul, Balloon Printing, Promotional Mugs and Glasses, Billboard, Neon Box, Aluminium Composite Panel (alucopan), 3D Letters (Stainless, Galvanis, Brass, Acrylic, etc)). I do not work alone in this affair. Sometimes I cooperate with some reliable printing, advertising and video production companies in Bali, Java and Jakarta to help you enjoy satisfactory results.

By utilizing the services provided by small businesses that exist throughout Indonesia, you have taken part in propagating the government program “to help provide capital without giving capital loan,” especially because small businesses would be very difficult to grow if they have to seek capital from lenders, rural banks, or private banks (tengkulak, BPR, atau perbankan swasta). Moreover, businesses that are already developed successfully can also provide help, for example by not alienating themselves from small and developing businesses. By simply accepting their invitation to cooperate when they get big projects, small businesses and large employers will be able to enjoy the positive result of their togetherness. If this good thing continues to prevail throughout the state, I am sure that in the days to come general economic growth will occur and there will be no considerable discrepancy between the rich and the poor.

Yours with love.

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The goal of creating this website

This website is created so that you could know me, know my background, and also see some examples of my artwork and designs that I’ve created. You could see these works on portfolio page of this website. There is no something special in each work that I displayed on this website.

Please contact me if you want to ask me questions. You also could read the FAQs as well.