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Hi, my name is Dian Pramono. People also call me Pramze or Depramze. I was born at Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, a crowded city with traffic jam and flood that happens all the time. Even though I was born and grew up in Jakarta, I don’t like this city too much. I prefer live in Yogyakarta or Bali. My parents are not the native people of Jakarta. Both of them are Javanese. After I graduated from STM Grafika Yayasan Lektur Lebak Bulus, Jakarta, I went to Yogyakarta to study in college and took art and design field. (ADVY)

In Yogyakarta I learn so many things about art and design. Since my life is quite hard that time, I get left behind in improving my skill on computer. That time, my will to buy a computer that could be used to support my study is not achieved. It’s kind of sad if I remember that moment.

PramzeAfter lived in Yogyakarta, I moved to Bali. In Bali I met a woman who became my wife now. She is very beautiful and she loves me just the way I am. In Bali I worked in several Advertising and Video Production companies. Besides worked there, I also worked as freelancer in several places as well. After a while, I lose my job due to several reasons. One of the reasons why I lose my job is because my personal belief. That time I feel so frustrated since I just got married and I have to lose my job.

Nobody help me at the time. Some people show their concern from investor who want to start a t-shirt printing business, a friend who want to open his own shop, even to people who want to help but consider the motive and the purpose of helping first (what kind of sincerity is this?). These people only want to show that they care even though they’re not. These fake people only give “janji-janji surga” (fake promises).

There is a person who is not my friend who tries to introduce online marketing or affiliate marketing to me. From that moment, I start to work as affiliate marketing and also as blessed freelance art worker and designer (thank God for this).

However, this blessed job is not stay for long. Due to my mistake and the third person who I recruit to help me in online marketing, I made a mistake that makes my teacher who teach me about affiliate marketing angry (my teacher talking to me in front of place of worship after the event finished). Finally, from that moment I decide to quit from my job as affiliate marketing and focus on freelance art worker and designer. I also try any job that could help me in providing daily needs and could support my spiritual life (I hope God always bless me).

For now, I take full time job as freelance art worker and designer and I also do other jobs as well as a freelancer. Besides that, I also work as volunteer ministers of Jehovah’s Witnesses as well. These activities make me happy since I could meet and work together with so many people. I also could get more experiences as well. If you are interested about what you see in my works that I publish in this website, you can contact me.