Blank Slate

The Holy Bible of Graphic Designer and Advertisers

A template would be a great help for any job that you do. For graphic designers and advertisers, having thousand photographic templates would be great thing they can have. This is also the main reason, why Cordelia Craigie creates the Blank Slate book.

The Blank Slate book can be said as the Holy Bible of graphic designers and advertisers. In this book, there are 1,000 photographic templates that are ready to use. They consist of everyday object that has been captured in the best position in a photo. This book also has DVD within. And in the DVD, there is the digital photo of these 1,000 objects. Therefore, graphic designer and advertisers can use them without having lot of work. Plus, these collections of best photographic template will be acted as guide that show the designer about how their design will be.


The other reason why this book is great book for designer and advertisers is the presentation reason. There are many cases where the designer and advertiser failed to satisfy their client, because they make their presentation and draft of their design on paperboard, which doesn’t looks like a real one. The huge collection of all those photographic templates create the real show that will give the client clear image about how the design will be looked like when it’s done. So, they will know what they will get. The Blank Slate also consists of 400 photographic dummies that are ready to use and also free to download. Actually, the book or reference that provides these kinds of stuff is quite rare. But, even if you can find it, they are really expensive. That’s not all. Those references also come with moderate quality. The best example would be Neubau Welt, which has become one of bestseller in fashion department. The Blank Slate is one of the guides in advertising industry. This book can become great source of inspiration for all professionals or beginner that work or interested in this business.


Cordelia Craigie, the creator of this book, currently is design director at the DMC Group in Düsseldorf. She is experienced professional in this industry and has been involved in some of project from big company, like Mercedes-Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Maurice Lacroix, Allianz, and REWE. The idea of creating Blank Slate came when she missed a databank where she can get everything that she need to help her work. From her experience, she realized that if there was a book where she can get everything that she need, that would be really helpful. And then, the Blank Slate was born.

We can get a copy of The Blank Slate Book direct from this site: on

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