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In this page you will see some of the latest updates of my posts, posts that are here related to Design, Advertising, Printing, books that we can buy and also other information that is useful for us, please read and if you like it you can share this article to your friends or your relation, other than that you can also comment that advocated for me and my blog readers. Thank you.

The Logo Design Toolbox

The Logo Design Toolbox has 900 templates of graphic and logo design that you can use. These templates will be the best reference for the latest and most used element in logo design. You can find the symbols; motif, shape and other things to create logo. There is also DVD that you can get from this book. In the DVD, you will get all of those templates as vector artwork that you can freely customize.

Blank Slate

The Holy Bible of Graphic Designer and Advertisers

A template would be a great help for any job that you do. For graphic designers and advertisers, having thousand photographic templates would be great thing they can have. This is also the main reason, why Cordelia Craigie creates the Blank Slate book.