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Help Them Create Work

Do You Suddenly Lose Your Job?
Do You Think that You Are Not Young Anymore?
Do You Lack any Skills because You Don’t Study Anymore?

Have you ever had an experience of not having a job?
Has the difficulty of finding a job overwhelmed you for months or even years?
We have ever experienced it…
We felt that such experience is so excruciating.
Our pride seems to crumble and become worthless.

Are you unable to sleep, does your head hurt and do you feel under the weather?
How will you feed yourself tomorrow?
How will you feed your children and educate them?
How will you pay your home and your bills?
Such depressing loneliness
Do you need a help but there is no one who can provide you with correct aid because many who come to you only say, “I’m so sorry for your situation, I hope you get a new job soon.” You know for sure that it is not that kind of expression that you actually need, but a real help: “funding for starting a business” or “job vacancy that is immediately available for you.”
Is there anyone who can help you?

Unemployment problem is omnipresent in the world. There are many people who are unemployed not because of their desire or laziness. Many of them never have an opportunity to receive education during their childhood. This is just one of many reasons why they do not have skills and when they grow up, they cannot get any jobs. They might spend their time at school during their childhood, but they have to cease their study before they finish it because of such reasons as being sick or injured. They may not get a suitable job because some corporations simply regard their age as not suitable or because those corporations simply fire them.

In today’s era of severe economic depression, the most important thing that many unemployed people think is how they can get a new job that provides them with sustainable income to fulfill their household needs. You must have known the answer because the solution is not easy when thousands of people are being laid off almost every day. If you are one of those unfortunate people, you must know that you are facing a difficult challenge.

Unemployment is a domestic problem. It is the biggest and the most serious and problem related to employment. Why? Because every year, Indonesia is teeming with fresh graduates comingfrom high schools and colleges. Those fresh graduates have diplomas in their hand, but those diplomas are hardly useful. There is no guarantee that you will get a job even if you have a lot of skills and diplomas. It is thus no wonder if you can see now a lot of people who have to repeatedly change their jobs throughout their professional life. There are even people who work not according to their expertise. There are doctors who work as travel agents and there are designers who work as food vendors or even don’t have any job whatsoever. Some graduates even have to be robbers because they cannot find a suitable job. What a sad story.

Through this media I attempt at raising fund (money) to help reduce social and economic disparities in our country, beginning from the smallest thing that I can do. Although it is impossible to eliminate unemployment and there will never be any effective attempt to eliminate it, if I and you can help a handful of people, I believe that we have made a great step toward reducing unemployment, poverty and famine that deprave this country. This will work even if we only help 1 or 2 person.

The Small Steps that I Am Doing Now Include:

  • I try to work hard to raise money. I use a portion of the money from all orders/jobs that I receive through to fulfill my daily necessities. I save the rest to help unemployed/needy people and to donate as a charity to individuals as well as organizations/foundations that strive to protect and to feed wild and endangered animals in Bali (I start from this region).
  • I invite you to put aside a little bit of luck that you have obtained to be donated as voluntary donation to those people through the program that I am running. Although it has not run very smoothly and although it is still in very small scale, your donation is very meaningful for those in need.
  • We put aside a portion of the profit gained from all products that we sell/those that are exhibited on this website to help job seekers get a decent job, to construct buildings to support the job that we are developing, and to help people in need. We will take to the streets, check, and see firsthand what they actually need so that the donation that we give to them will not be in vain but will be right on the target to those who really need it.

We will continue to update information regarding our assistance and fundraising programs through a number of websites, one of which is this website. The initial step that we take may not mean anything because so far we do our fundraising alone. If there are among you who visit this website and after reading this article are moved to make contribution to our effort, we are very grateful. You can give your donation through:
1. Bank Transfer
2. Paypal
3. Check
4. Purchasing our product/using our service

Besides receiving money, we also receive donation in the form of:

  • New clothes (we don’t receive used clothes because we attempt at providing them with what is considered decent in order to respect them)
  • New sewing machine
  • Printing machine
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Notebook
  • Drawing table
  • Stationery
  • Animal food
  • Screen printing equipment
  • Video camera
  • Photo camera
  • Pushcart
  • Cooking utensils
  • Farming tools
  • Shop or shop-house
  • Cupboard, table, chair, and display cases for business
  • Land
  • Car
  • Construction tools
  • Welding equipment
  • Livestock (goat, buffalo, cow, horse, duck, chicken, etc.)
  • Fishing boat
  • Rotary printing machine
  • And other donation types that can be useful to those who are in need

For questions regarding donation in the form of goods and their shipment, please send your email letter to:

Not all people have the same love with the one I have, not all people care about their neighbors, perhaps not all people agree with what I am doing, perhaps there are even those who don’t like it and there are those who like it, and perhaps there are those who say thatwhat I am doing is not in accordance with the content of the “OLD BOOK.” However, imagine if you are in the position of people whom I help… “What will you expect?””

If you want to help someone, don’t ever look at the motive and the goal of the one whom we want to help. Look, feel and give with love.. – Dian Pramono

“Help Them Create Work”

Bank transfer

Bank BCA, Cabang Mumbul
Account # 7720188362
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