How do you write a design brief

It’s important for designer and client to write design brief. It has two benefits. First, the design brief will become reference and the client will

know what they will get. The design brief also can save lot of time and money. That’s good not only for designer, but also for client. To create design brief, good collaboration between designer and client is needed. Client must provide enough information, so, the designer can create the best from it. So, how to create it?

There are few parts in design brief. They are:

  1. Corporate profile, this is the important part where you explain about the business and history of the company.
  2. Market position, information about your company position and the competitor.
  3. Current situation, information about what you need for the project.
  4. Communication background, the communication type that you use, like research, graphic design and many other.
  5. Communication task, this is the part where you explain about the message that you want to put into your project, like taglines, body text and other.
  6. Target market, the demographics of the customer that you aim, like age, gender, lifestyle and other.
  7. Objectives, is the purpose of the project. Create detail specification about this stuff.
  8. Schedule and Deadline, like its name, you need to create detail list of what you want to do and the time when you have to finish it.

Some of important thing that you need to put into this part are:

  • Consultation for creating right strategy
  • Creation, the developing process of design
  • Production, the realization of project plan
  • Delivery, the best way to give it to your client

The client also needs to create design brief, to make your project easier to finish. But, if they don’t make it, you can create questionnaire to get all information that you need.

The design brief also worked on every aspect of design project, including logo design. Usually, the problem about logo design is about the price. Things that you must know, to decide how much cost that is needed for the logo design project, once again, it need collaboration between designer and client. Designer can’t give the exact number, because, there is no such thing in this business. So, if client give more detail information about the project, the designer can give an accurate quote about this matter. And here, the design brief take a place as the media to do that.

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