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Neon Box & Neon Sign Production

We are ready to provide you with high-quality neon box and neon sign production service at affordable price. Neon box is usually installed on the front of business location, institution, or office. Its primary function is to make it easier for clients and customers to identify such location.

About Price
Because outdoor promotional media like neon box, billboard and the like have varied models and sizes, the production cost of those media can only be determined after we receive comprehensive information about their details.

The required details include:

  • Exact placement location, which is specified through a survey that is cooperatively carried out by our team and clients
  • The size and the desired unique model (if any) of the media that will be produced
  • Lighting technique and intensity. Will the media use front lighting or back lighting?
  • The height of the pole from the ground (for billboard) or the height of the placement (for neon box or the like)
  • Desired frame construction (offered)

Please provide information about those details through our e-mail at: We will inform you about the estimated cost.