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Product Shipment

All physical orders (non-digital) will be delivered to your city as fast as we can with shipment cost adjusted based on the product’s weight. We use such shipping services as JNE, Indonesian Postal Service, and other shipping services available in Indonesia or according to your request.

Shipping cost can be checked at the website of: JNE, Indonesian Postal Service
(*For crockery, bulky goods, or heavy goods like glasses, mugs, posters, and other printing products, shipping cost will be adjusted further. To ship the goods above as well as certain printing products, shipping cost may be different from the one shown at JNE’s website or that of Indonesian Postal Service (volume-based calculation is sometimes used). Our customer service will contact you regarding shipping cost before your order is shipped.

Delivery Time

Once we finish working on your order, we will pack the product and inform you through email about your product’s shipment information. Usually, delivery to all regions in Indonesia take about 7-10 days. (*can be longer or sooner)

Your order and printing result will be processed on workdays at CEST working hours. The printing product finished on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays will be processed on the next workday. The product will be shipped according to its completion, payment, and processes in the distribution center.

Relative to the high seasons during Eid day, Christmas and New Year, delivery time may be longer than usual. Please allow a further 7-10 business days on top of the usual delivery lead time. Please be patient with the delivery throughout such seasons.

International Delivery

To ship product internationally, we use courier service EMS Post with delivery time ranges from 3-5 workdays. Please contact us to get information about international shipping cost.

We are not responsible for the seizure or destruction of all finished products that have been delivered if those products are considered harmful or not in accordance with the destination country’s regulations because we are only a personal enterprise working in the field of printing and design. Buyers hold the responsibility for such situation and should not ask for compensation from us.

If you want to use a courier service you are subscribed to, please contact us.