The Logo Design Toolbox

The Logo Design Toolbox has 900 templates of graphic and logo design that you can use. These templates will be the best reference for the latest and most used element in logo design. You can find the symbols; motif, shape and other things to create logo. There is also DVD that you can get from this book. In the DVD, you will get all of those templates as vector artwork that you can freely customize.

Therefore, we can say that The Logo Design Toolbox is the time saver tool that all designers need. It has everything that you need to create logo, from wheel, pirate skull, flag, stars and many others that you can use for free. With so many collections in this book, The Logo Design Toolbox is suitable not only for professional, but also for amateurs that interested in this field. They can use it to make many kinds of design for cards, poster, logos, website and other.

You can compare The Logo Design Toolbox with some of similar successful book, like Neubau Welt or Carsten Nicolai’s Grid Index equally. Basically, The Logo Design Toolbox is the best help for designer to create design without wasting time and money. How about the writer? The Logo Design Toolbox is the creation of Alexander Tibelius, who currently work with some of big media agencies, like TBWA (Moscow) or Jung von Matt. He got the idea, when he just became a father. He thought that if he have database of design that he can use over and over, he can save more time on his job. The result, he will have more time to spend with his family.

We can get a copy of The Logo Design Toolbox direct from this site: on

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